What we do

Lifeline Sudbury acts as an umbrella group of representatives from sponsoring groups who have sponsored refugees in the past, are currently sponsoring a family living in the Sudbury region, or are interested in doing so.

By connecting these groups with each other and our community partners, Lifeline Sudbury can facilitate the sponsorship process and help ensure that the transition of the family you sponsor into life in Sudbury is as efficient and seamless as possible.

Lifeline Sudbury’s mandate includes the following key areas:

Information Sharing and Networking

  • To serve as a forum where sponsoring groups can share expertise and experience and address common issues and challenges
  • To reduce duplication of efforts between sponsoring groups
  • To act as a point of contact linking volunteers and sponsors with services provided by our partner organizations
  • To keep sponsoring groups and the public informed


  • To provide information on the sponsorship process including links to government agencies, sponsorship agreement holders and important documents


  • To act as a broker of (non-financial) donations and other resources
  • To help bring people together in a spirit of community and humanity