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Lifeline Sudbury website now online

SUDBURY – Lifeline Sudbury’s new website is now live and can be found at

The website includes information on many aspects of sponsorship, such as the application process required to establish a private sponsoring group, links to Sponsorship Agreement Holders and information on helping bring specific classes of refugees – spouses and family members, for example – to Canada. The public can also find a calendar of events, a blog, and contact information for specific groups if they wish to make a donation.

“Sharing information is a priority for us,” said Lifeline Sudbury Chair, David Courtemanche. “Not only will the new website act as a hub for sponsoring groups in Sudbury – connecting them with information services, and the experience and expertise of other groups – it will also help to inform the general public about issues related to local refugees.”

According to Lifeline Sudbury Coordinator Nilgiri Pearson, the development of the website, like Lifeline Sudbury itself, has been a team-effort. “Kristen Gunn, a Lifeline Sudbury volunteer led the process of creating the website in its early stages. A local communication firm, PG Advertising and Design, then offered to develop the website as an in-kind contribution to the Lifeline Sudbury initiative” Company President and Creative Director Paul Gomirato, said, “Lifeline Sudbury is a wonderful volunteer organization and we were pleased to contribute to this important local initiative.”

Lifeline Sudbury is an umbrella group founded in October 2015 as a non-denominational, humanitarian means of supporting and coordinating the activities of a number of sponsoring groups throughout Sudbury.

Nilgiri Pearson
Coordinator – Lifeline Sudbury
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